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Community News




        So much has been happening in this new year of 2017 that there is not enough space to recount it .  Our new community members, Sisters Angela, Francis and Pia have entered fully into our lives, taking turns cooking meals and leading in the Liturgy of the Hours.  They contribute much to the joy of community living and praying together.  Sisters Francis and Pia have been introduced to snow and delight in the beauty of it.  In fact they have had many new experiences since their arrival in July. 


Several of our dear friends and benefactors have died in the past few months.  We will miss them as we continue to pray for them.  A number of new people have joined our list of friends as well and we welcome them.  We are so grateful to them. 


We are looking for some help with answering the door and phone.  If you can spend one morning a week or month, we would be very grateful.  If you can help, call us at




Mass Times at the Monastery
We are pleased that there is mass in our chapel at 7:00 AM on Monday through Thursday, at 11:30 AM on Fridays, and  at 9:00 AM on the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month. All are invited to join us if these are convenient times for you.

Retreat ReservationsIf you are interested in making a reservation for retreat or using our gathering rooms, call Sister Jane at (406) 453-7891 or e-mail at sisters@poorclaresmt.org.  See Retreats for further information  

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